Environmental dredging operations should not just come close to the job expectations, but should exceed them by producing quality removal of contaminated sediments. This should not only be apparent during the dredging operation, but also after the resettlement of re-suspended material has occurred.

Dredging innovations have taken major steps throughout history. However, the basic designs of most clamshell buckets in use today have not changed for more than a century. When we, at Cable Arm, ask ourselves how we can improve the clamshell design, we answer with a product that surpasses expectations.

Cable Arm, Inc is constantly innovating based upon job specifications, environmental limits and procedures, and site specific obstacles. Therefore, all of our buckets are individually costomized and built to order.

Reduce time, cut costs, and minimize re-suspension throughout your entire excavation process. Whether you're confined to a tight location or need to cover a vast surface area, have deep or shallow depth targets, include sloped surface areas, or have rigid environmental parameters, Cable Arm clamshells and ClamVision positioning software can provide the best solutions for your dredging needs.