Cable Arm, Inc has been a leader and innovator in the manufacturing of environmental, mechanical clamshells since its first environmental bucket in 1993. Upon customer requests, Cable Arm began manufacturing its unique, and highly regarded environmental features into its new line of hydraulic excavator clamshells. While Cable Arm offers customizable buckets for nearly every application, the environmental clamshells are what set them apart from the rest. Due to the added benefits of using environmental clamshells for navigational and maintenance dredging, Cable Arm now manufactures its environmental features into buckets for these applications as well.

So, what is environmental dredging?

Environmental dredging is the process of removing, reducing, or limiting the spread of contamination by mechanical means, with environmentally friendly procedures and parameters, and with minimal redepositing. Environmental dredging reduces sediment content (turbidity) near water intake valves, nuclear power plant intake channels, and any application that requires reduced turbidity.