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Cable Arm's ClamVision software, is a fully integrated dredge positioning system. ClamVision gives crane operators a real time view of the barge and clamshell bucket positions as they exist over the dredging project.

ClamVision displays a 3D, color coded surface derived from existing hydrographic survey data. Each bite is also recorded and color coded based on bite depth or bites left. Deeper bites cover more shallow bites for easier viewing. To further help the operator, an information box provides instant feedback showing current depth, final project depth, target depth, and current bucket depth.

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Projects requiring uniform removal over a specified area can be difficult for some dredging systems. (Ex. the bottom is constantly sloping and the specifications call for 1 ft of material to be removed throughout.) ClamVision has a separate mode specifically for these situations. In this mode, color is no longer directly tied to depth, but is tied to the “distance to completion."

Cable Arm Tide Gauge with remote transmission to dredges
Fully wireless data and video communications
Robust ClamVision® computers to handle tougher work environments
Dredge Quality Management (DQM), formerly “Silent Inspector”, compatible for scows and dredges
Clamshell bucket depth available using pressure depth or cable counting systems
Full service from Cable Arm Inc. ClamVision® technicians minimizes needless downtime
ClamVision® software can be integrated to custom job applications

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